Sacred Tattoo has teamed up with Genoapay to bring you a convenient way to spread out payments to make big ideas easy and affordable.


The last thing you should do is compromise your artwork because of a limited budget on the day. Genoapay is interest free with no set up costs. Borrow between $200 and $1000 and the balance is repaid over ten equal payments over ten weeks.

This can work really well if you space out your appointments over the same time period in a consistent way and then even large scale work will have predictable and affordable repayments.

For example if you borrowed the maximum $1000 you would have weekly repayment of $100. So then if you booked a $500 appointment every 5 weeks you could chip away at a large scale project in a predictable way. (OR if you just want that one tattoo now and want spread the cost that’s easy too!)

Click here for the Genoapay website, find out how much you can borrow and get pre approved so it’s quick and easy when you get to the studio.

Please note that we get charged a fee so you can use this free service and by doing so you have paid your appointment in full. If you cancel your appointment without at least 48 hours notice you may forfeit the full cost, so please make sure that you book appointments that you know are going to work for you.

We look forward to your new projects in 2019.
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